Dale Carnegie South Florida welcomes International Speaker & Bestselling Author, Corey Perlman, to South Florida for a one-time 2-hour workshop for Executives and Business Owners. This workshop is designed to help you:

– Prioritize the sites you should focus on which sites you can ignore.

– Improve your company LinkedIn profile as well as your own.

– See results from the world’s largest social network: Facebook.

– Avoid mistakes by your team that could be sabotaging your efforts.

– Determine how much time YOU need to spend and where you should spend it.

– Outperform your competition on the sites where prospects are ‘kicking your tires’.

– Use digital marketing to brand yourself as a thought-leader in your industry.

The first 25 people to register will get a FREE copy of Corey’s brand new book, Social Media Overload!

Today, the world is more complex, competitive and demanding than ever before and young people need the ability to balance school, work and relationships. This program prepares teenagers with the skills they need to reach their goals and live up to their full potential at school, home, and work. The program focuses on the Five Drivers of Success: Confidence, Interpersonal Skills, Communication Skills, Leadership Skills and Stress management.

This interactive 1-day Seminar covers the Dale Carnegie Sales Process and provides sales professionals with the skills and confidence necessary to meet and exceed their 2014 sales goals. Participants will be amazed at how their refreshed sales approach and sales success attitude gets them past gatekeepers, attracts more  appointments, builds trust quickly, and leads to more and bigger sales.

Spend a day with us and learn how to gain employee commitment, lead confidently and motivate employees to peak performance. Gain the skills necessary to avoid the most common mistakes first-time managers make, best practices for performance management and how to build relationships up and down the organization.


To REGISTER or for Additional information call 954-771-8477 or Robert Kelly directory at 305-582-9623 or you can visit http://southflorida.dalecarnegie.com/home/